That's me


I am a  fashion, portrait and events photographer. Love my life, my family and my job. That’s what you see in my photographs.

The rest are all pictures!


Lyria - Povestea pictata (Bags & Shoes), Desirette (Bags), True Style Consignatie (Bags, Shoes, Dresses), Ariete Atelier (Designer Evening & Wedding Dresses), Casa Celebre Brasov (Designer, Evening & Wedding Dresses), Daniela Barb (Haute Couture Designer), Hats on clouds (Stylist & Blogger), Princessa Petra (Stylist & Blogger), Raluca Schneider  (Stylist & Blogger), Maverick (Stylist & Blogger), Ludmila Bordianu Beauty Academy (Beauty Salon), Epilaverde (Beauty Salon), Atelier Suzana Musat (Psychologist and spiritual teacher), Teatrul Andrei Muresanu Theatre Sf.Gheorghe, Elena Popa (Actress), Paula Rotar (Actress), Fatma Mohamed (Actress), Iris Spiridon (Actress & Regisseur), Monica Opra (Singer), etc…